Manitowoc IRT-0500W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine

500 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRT-0500W ice machine uses water to cool ice machine components. This is a great set-up for businesses with low ventilation. All Manitowoc ice makers have their ice machine components in the front of the unit, which allows for easy access. Cleaning is a breeze and maintenance takes less time, prolonging the lifespan of the ice machine. The IRT-0500W ice machine comes with its easyTouch® touch screen display, which allows users to access machine information, schedule filter change reminders, and set cleaning reminders.

Regular (IR) sized cubes come in the same signature “rhomboid” shape found in Dice and Half Dice Manitowoc ice makers. Regular cubes are solid and slow melting, so drinks retain their flavor longer – perfect for whiskey and cocktail bars! At up to 500 lbs of ice a day, it a great machine for small to mid-sized bars and restaurants.