Manitowoc IYT-1200W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

1,138 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IYT-1200W ice machine produces up to 1138 lbs of ice a day in a small, 30″ package. Manitowoc water cooled ice machines use water to cool internal ice machine parts without the use of a fan. This eliminates hot air that can cause problems in areas with low ventilation. The Manitowoc IYT-1200W ice machine easyTouch touch screen display alerts users to potential ice machine problems and can remind you when cleanings and preventive maintenance is due. It’s also treated with an antimicrobial agent to hinder mold and slime growth. Manitowoc cuber ice machines produce unique “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Half dice ice (IY) is a smaller rhomboid cube that fills glasses better than a conventional square cube, making drinks appear fuller.