Manitowoc IYT-1900A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

1,900 lbs/day

If your business has high ice needs the Manitowoc IYT-1900A ice machine is the answer. This unit produces over 1400 lbs of ice a day under standard operating temperatures. That’s close to 60 lbs of ice an hour! Whether you run a high-volume bar or need ice for a large manufacturing facility, the NXT 1900 has you covered. With intelligent diagnostics and easyTouch display, users will always know the status of their unit or when they need to schedule preventive maintenance. The Manitowoc IYT-1900A ice machine produces “rhomboid” shaped half dice cubes. Half dice ice (IY) comes in a smaller size, which means more cubes can fit into a glass. At 96 cubes per pound of ice, Half-dice cubes make drinks stand taller in a glass, which is more appealing to customers and helps prevent overpours from staff. The Manitowoc IYT-1900A ice machine is a great fit for the Manitowoc F-1300 ice bin.