Manitowoc F-1300 48″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless-Steel Finish

1,194 lbs capacity

The Manitowoc F-1300 ice bin stores up to 1194 lbs of ice*. Measuring 48″ wide and 63″ tall, the F-1300 is part of Manitowoc’s signature high-capacity F-Style Series. This ice bin is a is an outstanding companion to the Manitowoc IRT-1900A ice machine if you are looking for maximum ice production rates at the smallest footprint.  The Manitowoc F-1300 ice bin covers your high-capacity ice needs. Ice bins come equipped with a sliding ice gate which reduces spillage and makes ice removal safe and easy. Each Manitowoc ice bin lift door is made of high-grade polyurethane for unparalleled durability. All F-Style bins have a stainless-steel exterior and are as tough as they come, with heavy-duty welded construction throughout. Each model comes complete with impact-resistant viewing windows for easy to access bin inspection. Non-CFS foamed-in-place insulation guarantees maximum ice quality throughout the day.