When examining ice machine cost, the Easy Ice program is extremely comprehensive. And for the vast majority of our customers there are no additional charges (unless the work requested or required is outside the program).

To help you understand ice machine cost, we’ve put together a few examples of situations that are outside our standard subscription program.

Planned Additional Charges refer to situations that require additional work or extra components such as:

  1. Drain lines that require copper piping.
  2. Drain lines that run through a wall or substantially more than 6 feet.
  3. The installation, trouble shooting, or replacement of a drain pump.
  4. The installation of a water line.
  5. Movement of the equipment up or down stairs or other difficult configurations

Unplanned Additional Charges refer to situations where work was requested or required even though the equipment provided by Easy Ice performed according to the manufacturers specifications based on the environment provided by the customer, including:

  1. Customer unplugged ice machine from electrical outlet.
  2. Customer stacked boxes around the ice machine blocking the air flow, causing it to over heat.
  3. Water coming to ice machine is hot (regardless of reason)
  4. Water coming to ice machine plugs the water filter with debris (usually caused by work done on pipes).
  5. Water is not supplied to the ice machine at the proper rate.
  6. Customer turns off ice machine over night to save energy and when turned back on the next morning can’t catch up with ice needs. 
  7. Customer says ice machine isn’t producing enough ice but ice is harvesting in the amount and time specified by manufacturer.
  8. Customer drops ice on floor, kicks it under the bin, and then calls to report that ice bin is leaking.
  9. Customer drags ice machine and bin across the floor, breaking one of the legs to the bin.
  10. Customer placing a foreign object in the bin and having it plug up the drain inside the bin.

Most of these situations are pretty straightforward which means potential Additional Charges can be avoided by spending 5 minutes on the phone with our Customer Service team prior to dispatching a technician.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what makes a subscription from Easy Ice such a great value and the smart choice when it comes to ice machines!