Koolaire K-970 48″ Ice Storage Bin

882 lbs capacity

The Koolaire K-970 Ice Bin is our largest Koolaire offering and stores up to 882 lbs of ice*. This bin is 48″ wide and 44″ tall. The Koolaire K-970 ice bin is a great choice for mid-volume Manitowoc machines, like the Indigo NXT 0900 Series. The K-970, is truly durable and reliable ice bin that is perfect fit for larger bars and restaurants. With the K-Series ice storage bin’s stay-open bin door, users can reach for ice without obstruction. The easy to reach internal scoop holder guarantees quick ice retrieval while keeping the ice supply sanitary. The bin door insulated to reduce condensation which causes ice to clump together. With jet black side panels and a stainless-steel-like finish, the Koolaire K-970 ice bin provides resistance and corrosion and is sleek enough for kitchen or front-of-house installs. Each Koolaire by Manitowoc ice bin comes with 4 adjustable legs which can extend from 6″ to 7.75 inches.