Manitowoc F-1325 60″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless-Steel Finish

1,238 lbs/day

Manitowoc’s F-1325 ice storage bin stores up to 1238lbs of ice*. Measuring 60″ wide and 54″ tall, the F-1325 is part of Manitowoc’s signature high-capacity F-Style Series. This ice bin adds a bit of width to shorten the overall height of the unit, allowing it to fit into spaces with shorter ceilings. This model adds 44 lbs of storage space over its sister model, the F-1300. The ice bin can also outfit two units with top air ventilation or two water-cooled machines side-by-side to double your ice production. The F-Style ice bin from Manitowoc is made for businesses with high-capacity ice needs. These ice bins have a sliding ice gate which makes removing ice safe and easy. The F-1325’s lift door is made of high-grade polyurethane making them incredibly durable. F-Style bins have a stainless-steel exterior with heavy-duty welded construction to withstand daily use. Each model has viewing windows so users can inspect the bin without having to open it. Non-CFS foamed-in-place insulation keeps ice solid and cool.