Manitowoc IYT-1500A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

1,800 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IYT-1500A ice machine is one of many in the newest line of Manitowoc ice makers. Producing up to 1800 lbs of ice per day, the Manitowoc IYT-1500A ice machine is perfect for high-volume bars and restaurants. The Series 1500’s comes with their easyTouch touch screen display, that alerts users if there is a problem or when preventive maintenance events are due. Indigo NXT 1500 Manitowoc ice makers produce two different sizes of “rhomboid” shaped ice cubes. Dice Ice (ID) comes in a compact square shape that is ideal for any beverage type. Dice cubes provide even cooling and elevate the presentation of beverages. Half dice ice (IY) is a smaller, narrower cube that are ideal for busy establishments. Their compact size allows more cubes to fit in a glass, which make drinks appear fuller.