Hoshizaki KM-660MAJ Slim-Line Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine


665 lbs/day

Hoshizaki’s KM-660MAJ air cooled crescent ice maker features a slim-line design to fit in areas with limited wall-to-wall space. At only 22″ wide, this model allows users to mount two units side by side (on bins 44″ in width) to double ice production. That’s over 1000 lbs. of ice a day in the same floor space! The unit’s CycleSaver™ design allows for maximum ice production in half the cycles of other ice machines. Hoshizaki KM models produce their crescent style ice. Crescent ice is hard, clear, and melts slowly, so they won’t dilute the flavor of drinks. The evaporator design forms each cube individually, to prevent them from sticking together or clumping up. Their patented shape helps liquids flow over the cube, lessening unwanted splashes and spills that cost money. The cubes’ shape also help fill a glass completely, so drinks stand taller in a glass. Studies show crescent cubes can save up to 15 percent on your drink yield.