Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin with Bagging Kit

460 - 1,660 lbs capacity range

Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin with Bagging Kit is a modified version of the Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice bin designed to fill ice bags or coolers quickly. This model’s gravity dispensing ice chute is a inexpensive alternative to fully-automated ice bagging machines like the Follet Ice Pro touchless ice dispenser. Like the Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin, this models comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. Units measure between 30”-60” in width. We have models for any sized business, with storage that holds between 460-1660 lbs of ice.

The Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin with Bagging Kit is made of durable stainless-steel, which is easy to clean and protects against corrosion. Doors and hinges are built with a polyurethane lining that helps prevent doors from sticking or staining due to chlorine.

All Follett Ice DevIce models feature the SmartGate ice shield, which allows users to dispense ice without having to reach into the bin. This design is a safer alternative than more traditional ice bins. Gravity dispenses ice directly into a bag or container of your choosing. Each unit comes with a ice rake and shovel to dispense as much ice as you need without using a scoop. Ice stays sanitary and your customers and employees stay safe and happy! The SmartGate ice shield also allows users to grab the ice that was dropped first, resulting in a fresh ice supply for your customers and less clumping in the bin.

Equipment Details


Exterior: Stainless Steel

Bin Type:
Ice Transport
Maximum Capacity

Ice Type: N/A

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Total Care Maintenance Program

  • Standard Water Filtration System

  • Free Breakdown Ice

  • Affordable Upgrade Policy

  • No Long-Term Contract

  • Less Expensive Than Owning