Ice bagging machines are the safest way to quickly and easily fill ice bags while maintaining a sanitary ice supply. Bagging machines are used extensively within large facilities with multiple vendors, like markets, arenas, corporate campuses, and universities. Ice baggers are also popular in fleet, construction, and airlines, where employees need to take coolers of ice with them on long trips or tough jobs.

Many of our ice baggers are fully-automated with touchless foot-pedal activation, so employees never need to open the bin to scoop out ice. Our automated units can fill six to eight 8-lb bags of ice in under a minute.

Our manual ice bagging bin from Follett is an inexpensive alternative to fully-automated ice baggers. Users simply need to manually pull the SmartGate dispensing door to drop ice into a container of your choosing quickly. No scoops necessary!

Our one-of-a-kind ice machine subscription program comes with top-of-the-line bins from Follett. We include biannual professional cleaning to keep bins sanitary. If there is an issue with the bin, we’ll fix it at no additional cost. Our 24/7 customer service lines are open to assist you at any hour. Need help choosing a model for your business?

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