Follett Ice Pro DB1000SA Ice Bagger Machine

1,000 lbs/day

Currently, maintaining a safe and sanitary ice supply is paramount in any business. Large facilities are no different! The Follett Ice Pro DB1000SA touchless ice bagger machine automatically dispenses ice any 8-20 lb ice bag for quick, delivery. The Follett Ice Pro DB1000SA ice bagger can fill up to 8 – 8lb bags of ice a minute and can hold a total of 1000 lbs of ice. Its automatic agitation cycle is designed to keep ice from melting together, so ice cubes stay intact.

The DB1000SA ice bagger machine comes with foot peddle activation, eliminating the need of a shovel or scoop. This design help to reduce the chances of accidental contamination that can sometimes occur when dispensing ice with a scoop.