Scotsman Meridian HID540A-1 Air Cooled Touchless Ice Dispenser

500 lbs/day

Clean, sanitary ice is more important now than ever. The Scotsman Meridian HID540A-1 air cooled touchless ice dispenser measures just over 21” making it a great space saving machine for your business. This touchless ice dispenser produces up to 500 lbs of chewable nugget ice a day. The HID540A-1’s touchless design makes for a safer user experience. Users never have to scoop ice out of a bin or touchless a button or lever to dispense ice. This hands-free ice dispenser helps prevent accidental contamination associated with ice handling. The Scotsman Meridian HID540A-1 Ice Dispenser also comes with molded-in Antimicrobial AquaArmor with AgION™ to help prevent the growth of bacterial pathogens on the ice machine’s components. This system produces cleaner, more sanitary ice – perfect for hospitals and healthcare clinics.

The Scotsman HID540A-1 produces soft, chewable nugget ice which is great for young students and medical patients. Nugget ice is easy on teeth, so people can chew ice to hydrate or just for fun! The porous texture of nugget ice also absorbs the flavor of specialty drinks and sodas, making the Scotsman Meridian HID540A-1 Ice Dispenser a perfect choice for quick-serve restaurants and soda shops.