Countertop ice machines are an excellent option for small businesses with modest ice needs. They’re also a sanitary solution for quick-serve restaurants and office break rooms that see a lot of people using the ice machine throughout the day. They provide plenty of cool water for customers, staff, and guests. Our ice machines can be installed on top of a countertop or specialty stand, and include flake, nugget, and cubed ice makers. Countertop ice makers produce around 200-400 lbs of ice a day. Choose between push-button dispensing or lever release.

With our commercial ice machine subscription service, you get the very best ice machines on the market. We also include maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to keep your countertop ice maker clean and running smoothly for your customers and staff. We also keep our customer service lines open 24/7 to assist with any ice machine-related issues you encounter. If we can’t fix the problem over the phone, we’ll send one of our qualified ice machine technicians to your business as soon as possible! If your machine is down for repairs, we’ll even cover your daily ice supply until your machine is fixed and ready to perform to our standards. Interested in a countertop ice machine? Contact our Ice Machine Experts!

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