Scotsman Meridian HID540W-1 Water Cooled Touchless Ice Dispenser

500 lbs/day

The Scotsman Meridian HID540W-1 water cooled ice dispenser is a slimline self-serve ice machine that measures just over 21”. This model is great for businesses looking to save space, while providing their employees or customers with a reliable ice supply. The Scotsman HID540W-1 touchless ice dispenser produces up to 500 lbs of chewable nugget ice a day. This is a hands-free dispenser that deposits ice directly into drinkware without touching a button or lever. This design is great for all industries, especially healthcare where accidental contaminations can lead to sick customers, employees, or patients. The Scotsman Meridian HID540W-1 ice dispenser has molded-in Antimicrobial AquaArmor with AgION™ that hinders the growth of pathogens resulting in a more sanitary ice supply.

The Scotsman HID540W-1 produces chewable nugget ice for people who enjoy or need to chew on ice. Nugget ice is used to hydrate hospital patients who have a difficult time swallowing liquid. Nugget ice is also a great choice for physical therapy clinics that need a softer ice cube that provides even cooling around knees and elbows. This type of ice is excellent for specialty drinks and sodas, since they absorb the favor of these drinks.

Equipment Details


Voltage Requirement: 115v

Machine Type:
Maximum Production

Ice Type: Cubelet

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Total Care Maintenance Program

  • Standard Water Filtration System

  • Free Breakdown Ice

  • Affordable Upgrade Policy

  • No Long-Term Contract

  • Less Expensive Than Owning