Manitowoc IRF-900W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine

773 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRF-0900W ice machine is a water cooled ice machine that creates large, square-style cubes (called Regular cubes). Perfect for mid-sized bars and restaurants who want a classic looking cube. This model produces up to 773 lbs of ice a day and is only 30” wide. The Manitowoc water cooled ice machine system helps to cool the interior components of the machine without the use of fans which can blow hot air into the room. The Manitowoc IRF-0900W ice machine comes with the easyTouch touchscreen display. Users get up-to-date information about the status of the ice machine and can program reminders for cleanings and preventive maintenance visits. Manitowoc’s Regular (IR) sized cubes are designed for the high-end cocktail bar or restaurant. They come in the same signature “rhomboid” shape found in Dice and Half Dice Manitowoc ice makers. Regular cubes are solid and slow melting, so drinks retain their flavor longer.