Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH-OS Touchless Air Cooled Nugget Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

321 lbs/day

Looking to keep your ice supply safe and sanitary? Look no further than the Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH-OS ice machine! This air cooled cubelet ice and water dispenser measures 26” allowing for countertop installation or on top of a 32” stand. This hands-free dispenser produces between 232-321 lbs of chewable cubelet ice a day. This model is great for delis, grocers, office break rooms, and waiting rooms looking to guarantee sanitary ice for their customers or employees. Hoshizaki countertop ice makers are self-contained which protects the ice supply and prevents accidental contamination. It’s touchless design allows for hands-free dispensing. Simply place drinkware below the ice chute and ice immediately dispenses. Users never have to touch the surface of the machine to dispense ice. The Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH-OS touchless ice machine produces cubelet ice measuring 3/8″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″. Cubelet ice is one of the most popular choices for healthcare and education facilities. It has a soft, chewable texture that’s easy on teeth. Restaurants and bars can also benefit from cubelet ice. The cubes have a porous texture that absorbs the flavor of sugary drinks. This ice is a great addition to slushies, sodas, and fruity cocktails. Cubelet ice comes in a variety of sizes depending on the model type.