Hoshizaki Countertop Ice Makers

Whether you need a small ice maker for your deli or a water and ice dispenser for the office breakroom, Hoshizaki countertop ice makers can fit on most tabletop areas and are an excellent option for self-serve. Sign up for our subscription and we'll provide you with a countertop ice machine, biannual preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement ice for a single monthly payment.

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Which Type of Hoshizaki Ice Do You Want?


Crescent Ice

Hoshizaki crescent ice is "well-rounded" cube perfect for all types of beverages. Their curved shape saves up to 15% on your drink yield.
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Square Ice

Hoshizaki square ice (IM Cubes) are large, slow-melting, and aesthetically pleasing. Great for high-end cocktails and top-shelf spirits.
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Cubelet Ice

Cubelet ice (nugget ice) is soft, chewable, and retains the flavors of drinks. A great ice type for hospitals, elementary schools, and delis.
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Flake Ice

Flake ice machine models produce moldable specialty ice for seafood and produce displays. Great for drinks that use crushed ice as well!
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With an Easy Ice subscription, you can get a Hoshizaki countertop ice maker along with preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for an affordable monthly rate. We keep countertop ice makers in peak condition year-round, so you never have to worry about breakdowns or dirty ice. Ready to simplify your ice supply?