Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin w/Cart

460 - 1,660 lbs capacity range

Follett Ice DevIce Dispensing Ice Bin is elevated to dispense ice directly into an ice cart for quick transportation. This gravity fed system is a inexpensive alternative to the fully-automated Follet Ice Pro touchless ice dispensers. The Follett Ice DevIce come in widths ranging from 30”-60”. We have models that meet the needs of any sized business, with bins 460-1660 lbs of ice.

The Follett Ice DevIce is as durable as they come, with welded stainless-steel construction throughout. It’s stainless-steel design is easy to clean and protects against corrosion. Polyurethane lining on the bin’s doors and hinges prevent doors from sticking or staining due to chlorine.

The DEV Series features the SmartGate ice shield design, is an easier and safer alternative than traditional ice bin systems. Gravity feeds ice directly into a cart faster than scooping by hand. Less contact with the ice, helps keep your supply safe from accidental contamination. This means more sanitary ice for your customers and employees. Since the SmartGate ice shield is located at the bottom of the bin, it allows users to grab the ice that was dropped first, so ice stays fresh and won’t clump together.