Gravity dispensing ice bins are an inexpensive alternative to fully-automated ice bagging machines or ice transports systems. These bins come with a plastic ice chute that drops ice directly into a container of your choosing. These are great options for businesses that need to transport ice long distances. Industries such as arena concessions, construction, fleet, and even airlines use gravity dispensing bins to fill bags or containers quickly. Deliver ice to multiple areas or have employees and work crews take coolers of ice with them on long jobs.

Gravity dispensing bins are an excellent option for businesses that take extra care to keep their ice supply safe and sanitary. These bins allow users to dispense ice quickly without reaching into the bin (which increases that chance of accidentally contaminating the ice supply). Simply pull the SmartGate system open, and ice drops directly into the container. Each model comes with an ice shovel and rake to dispense as much ice as they need.

Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription program includes top-of-the-line gravity dispensing bins from Follett. We include biannual professional cleaning to keep bins mold-free. If there is an issue with any of our equipment, we’ll repair it at no additional cost. We maintain a 24/7 customer service line to assist you with any issues that may arise. Need help choosing a model for your business? Contact us about our touchless ice machines today!

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