Ice Germs: Can Ice Cubes Get You Sick?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ice Machine Cleaning, Ice Safety

Does Ice Carry Germs

We know many surfaces can carry germs, but can an ice cube spread infection? While viruses and bacteria don’t grow on ice, employees can accidentally contaminate an ice supply with these pathogens if they don’t practice proper ice handling techniques. We show you the best way to protect your ice supply.

4 Ice Safety Solutions for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Reading Time: 7 minutes Food Service - Restaurants/Bars, Hotel/Hospitality, Ice Safety

Ice Safety Solutions

Whether you run a bar, restaurant, or hotel, maintaining a clean environment for your customers is vital. The ice in your ice machine is no different. Health inspectors look as closely at your ice as they do the water coming out of your tap. Former health inspector, Jim Chan, gives you some ice safety tips that will have your ice supply pass with flying colors during your, next inspection.

How to Clean an Ice Maker of Mold and Slime

Reading Time: 8 minutes Ice Machine Cleaning, Ice Safety

Ice Machine Mold

Mold and slime have the potential to grow in any area where yeast and moisture are present. For this reason, ice machines need extra special care to stay within health codes. In this article, we’ll discuss the environmental conditions that lead to mold and slime growth and what you can do to prevent or clean mold and slime in your ice machine.