4 Ice Safety Solutions for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

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Ice Safety Solutions

Whether you run a bar, restaurant, or hotel, maintaining a clean environment for your customers is vital. The ice in your ice machine is no different. Health inspectors look as closely at your ice as they do the water coming out of your tap. Former health inspector, Jim Chan, gives you some ice safety tips that will have your ice supply pass with flying colors during your, next inspection.

The Best Ice Dispensers for Hotels

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Best Ice dispensers
Ice dispensers have become a standard in hotels and motels across the country. In your standard hotel, it’s not uncommon to find a hotel ice dispenser on every floor. Hotel dispensers are convenient and accessible to your guests, so they can grab ice whenever they need it. So, what are the best ice dispensers for hotels? Dispensers vs. Commercial Ice Machines So, what makes ... Read More

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Guide

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Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker

Hoshizaki is one of the leading names in the ice machine industry – and for good reason. Their commercial ice machines are energy efficient and produce numerous ice shapes to meet the needs of all kinds of industries. Our Hoshizaki commercial ice machine guide gives you a basic rundown of all things Hoshizaki; from ice machine models to the different shapes of ice cubes they offer!

How Much Ice Do I Need for the Holiday Season?

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How Much Ice Do I Need Holidays Easy Ice

Holidays mean increased ice demand from customers looking to enjoy the seasonal festivities. You don’t want to run out of ice when the crowds come rushing in. Whether you’re introducing holiday specials or hosting an office Christmas party, we help to identify the busiest days during the holiday season and how much ice your particular industry should have on hand.