Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Guide

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Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:28 pm

Choosing the right commercial ice machine makes all the difference if you want a steady and reliable ice supply. Hoshizaki has been making some of the most dependable ice machines on the market for decades. We offer a large selection of Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker models in sizes ranging from 200 – 1900 lbs of ice a day. Hoshizaki ice makers are energy-efficient ice machines and will save you money in utility costs. Whether you’re looking for a commercial ice machine, countertop ice machine, hotel ice dispenser, or bin, we have the perfect Hoshizaki ice equipment for your business.

Learn About Our Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Makers

Our ice machine subscriptions come with the leading Hoshizaki commercial ice makers along with maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a low monthly cost.

The Different Type of Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Models

Hoshizaki makes commercial ice machines to fit virtually any business need. Whether you need a hands-free dispenser for your office breakroom or a high-capacity ice machine for a seafood market, they have many different makes and models which include:

Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machines require an ice bin or dispenser to function. The ice machines produce the ice, while the bin or dispenser stores the ice until its ready to use. Examples include our Hoshizaki KM-515MAJ Ice Machine.

Undercounter Ice Machines

Undercounter ice machines measure under 40” to allow for installation below counters and bar tops. These machines are self-contained, meaning they come with ice storage built in and do not require an additional bin or dispenser to operate. Examples include our Hoshizaki IM-200BAB Ice Machine.

Countertop Ice and Water Dispensers

Hoshizaki countertop ice makers dispense ice or water directly into glassware, making them easy to use while reducing the chance of accidental contamination. Examples include our Hoshizaki DCM-300BAH Ice and Water Dispenser.

Hotel Ice Dispensers

Hotel ice dispensers come with push-button activation to dispense ice directly into glassware or an ice bucket. They require a modular ice machine to function and store a few hundred pounds of ice a day. This design also reduces the chance of accidental contamination. One of our most popular models is the Hoshizaki DB-200H Hotel Ice Dispenser.

Hoshizaki Water Cooled and Remote Models

Not all workplaces can support the needs of an air cooled ice machine. Ventilation and steady air temperatures are essential if you want your air cooled ice machine to perform to the best of its ability. For these types of workplaces, Hoshizaki makes water cooled and remote condensers systems for challenging work environments.

Hoshizaki Water Cooled Ice Machines

Hoshizaki water cooled ice machines use water from your water system to cool internal components. These systems are a great option when your workplace has low ventilation. We have many Hoshizaki water cooled units available in many models like our Hoshizaki KM-1340MWJ Ice Machine.

Remote cooled ice machines

Remote cooled ice machines place all the heat-producing components of an ice machine in a separate unit located either outside or in a large room with plenty of ventilation. The hot air the ice machine produces is emitted out into the environment. Our models include the Hoshizaki KM-1100MRJ Ice Machine and more.

Hoshizaki Ice Bins

Hoshizaki ice bins come in a wide range of storage sizes to fit the needs of any business. Hoshizaki builds their bin strong and sturdy, making them a perfect fit for even the busiest kitchens. Hoshizaki bins come in vinyl-clad and stainless-steel models, which makes them stain-resistant and a breeze to clean. Hoshizaki ice bins are treated with an antimicrobial agent to reduce the growth of mold and slime. We have a wide range of capacity sizes from 300 lbs to 1600-lb models, like our Hoshizaki B-1650SS Ice Storage Bin.

Hoshizaki Ice Cube Shapes

Hoshizaki Ice Machines come in models that make many different types of ice shapes to fit your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a hard, slow-melting cube or a soft, chewable ice cube, we have a machine for you! Below are the different ice shapes Hoshizaki offers:

  • Crescent Ice
  • Cubelet Ice
  • Square Ice
  • Flake Ice

Hoshizaki Crescent Ice Machines

Crescent ice is Hoshzaki’s most popular ice shape – and for a good reason. Crescent ice is designed to limit spills and splashes. Its rounded shape allows liquid to cascade gently into glassware, rather than bouncing off a flat surface like more traditional ice cubes. Crescent ice can save up to 15% on your drink yield. It’s also hard and slow-melting, so drinks retain their flavor for longer. All of Hoshizaki’s KM line produces crystal-clear crescent ice, like our Hoshizaki KM-660MAJ Ice Machine.

Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machines

Cubelet ice (also known as Nugget Ice) is popular among hospitals and elementary schools because they produce soft, chewable ice cubes. These specialty cubes hydrate patients or children, while also being easy on the teeth. Cubelet ice is also a great choice for many restaurants and bars that serve sugary soft drinks and cocktails. Since the texture of these ice cubes is porous, they absorb the flavor of drinks, making them satisfying to chew – and tasty as well! We have cubelet ice machines that produce over 600 lbs of cubelet ice a day, like our Hoshizaki FD-650MAJ-C Ice Maker.

Hoshizaki Square Ice Machines

Many high-end cocktail and whiskey bars prefer an ice cube that elevates the look of drinks and won’t dilute the flavor of top-shelf liquors. If that’s the type of ice cube you’re looking for, then Hoshizaki Square Ice Cubes are for you! Square ice has a traditional shape that is large and melts slowly, so your customers can sip and enjoy their favorite drinks without watering them down. One of our most popular square ice machine models is our Hoshzaki IM-500SAA Ice Machine.

Hoshizaki Flake Ice Machines

Flake ice is soft and moldable, so businesses can create dazzling food and salad presentations while also keeping their food cold and safe to serve. Flake ice is also great in specialty cocktails like Margaritas and Mai Tais because it has the same soft consistency as crushed ice. Hoshizaki’s cubelet ice machines, like the F-801MAJ Ice Machine, come in flake ice models that produce over 600 lbs of ice a day!

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Makers Are a Great Choice for Any Business

If you’re looking for a steady and reliable ice supply, a Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker is a great start. They’re energy-efficient, so you save money in electric and water costs.

Combined with our revolutionary ice machine subscription program, your Hoshizaki Ice Machine will keep your customers happy for years to come. Our routine preventive maintenance and professional ice machine cleaning keep ice machines running far longer than the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. If the ice making machine does break down, your repairs are included in your monthly payment. We’ll even provide you with complimentary Breakdown Ice while your machine is being repaired.

Looking for a quality Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker and service? Contact us today for a quote!

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