One of the great benefits of having an ice making machine with our subscription model is our equipment upsizing option! Owning or leasing an ice machine penalizes you for growing – we don’t. We’re thrilled when our customers are successful, so we allow equipment upsizing for  customers who have outgrown their current ice machine. Simply contact our 24×7 Customer Service Center 30 days prior to their upgrade needs, pay a minimal one-time upsizing charge, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The cost for upsizing to a larger ice making machine is 1-month’s subscription fee. Going forward, the monthly subscription simply moves up to the higher monthly fee.

There are only two limitations:

  • Upgrades are available once per year to customers with good payment history.
  • An upgrade must involve an increase in machine class/pricing tier.

Example: Customer currently has a KML451 ice machine.  This ice maker is in the same classification as the KM515, KM600, and the KML631.  All of these have higher production capacities, yet they are in the same classification.  In order to utilize the upgrade program, the customer would need to select the KM901.

Purchasing the right size ice maker for your needs is not always that simple.  We have hundreds of customers who ran into this problem when they owned.  Their purchase may have worked at first but then it got hot outside.  Others introduced a new product – like iced coffee or a fresh salad bar.  Heck, maybe the frozen margarita made a big comeback.  It’s hard to predict what will increase your need for ice.  With Easy Ice, you don’t have to.

At Easy Ice, we carefully survey customers to ensure they order the right size ice maker for their needs from the start.  But if they outgrow the ice machine’s capacity, the upsizing program solves that problem!  Think of the hassles you’ll save by not worrying about how much money you can recoup by selling your used machine to someone else.  Used ice machines are a crap shoot.  For unpredictability, it ranks right up there with buying a unit on Storage Wars!

So go right ahead and grow, knowing Easy Ice stands beside you with the most flexible ice machine program available.

We look forward to providing you with the last ice machine you’ll never own!