Grow Your Ice Maker Size Along with Your Business

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Fit Your Business’ Needs and Adjust Your Ice Maker Size

Increase your ice maker size during your ice machine lease with our equipment upsizing option. One main problem with owning an ice machine (among many others) is they don’t grow with your business. If your business grows to the point where your current unit doesn’t produce enough, you’re forced to buy a whole new machine to increase your ice maker size. With Easy Ice, we include upsizing in our subscription at no extra cost.

We created our subscriptions with businesses like yours in mind to ensure you'll always have the right ice maker size. For one low monthly payment, your subscription includes ice equipment costs, maintenance, cleanings, repairs, backup ice, and upsizing! Subscriptions are the smarter alternative to buying or leasing, making it a top choice among savvy business owners.

As your business changes, Your Ice Machine Can Too!

Our upsizing program ensures that you'll always have the right-sized equipment to give you the perfect amount of ice.


Ice In Your Bin

Subscriptions Don’t Limit Ice Maker Size

By contacting our 24/7 Customer Service Center 30 days before your upgrade, we’ll deliver and install an upsized ice machine to your business for a one-time charge.

The price to increase your ice maker’s size is 1-month’s subscription fee. The monthly subscription then moves up to the higher monthly fee.

There are only two limitations:

  • Upgrades are available once per year to customers with good payment history.
  • An upgrade must involve an increase in machine class/pricing tier.

For example, if you currently have a Hoshizaki KM-451, that model is in the same classification as the KM-515, KM-600, and the KM-631.All these ice machines have a higher ice production rate but are in the same classification. To increase your ice maker size, you would have to choose a KM-901, which is in the next pricing tier.

The Perfectly Sized Machine for Your Business

Purchasing the right sized ice machine for your business is not as simple as it seems. Getting your ice maker size right the first time isn’t always possible. Ice machine production rates fluctuate due to temperature change, water conditions, heat-generating appliances, etc. Many of our customers who used to own tell us about an ice machine they purchased that couldn’t keep up with their ice needs as soon as it got hot outside. The bottom line – it's difficult to predict what will lower your ice machine’s production, but you can prepare for it with Easy Ice.

We carefully survey customers to ensure they get the right ice machine that fits their business – year-round. If your business grows, our upsizing program has you covered. You won’t have to sell your used ice machine to pay for a bigger model.

Subscriptions are the Perfect Solution, Especially for Growing Companies!

Growing your business is hard enough without worrying whether your ice machine can keep up. We've got you covered with our flexible Upsizing Program included in subscriptions.