The Most Popular Ice Shapes for Businesses

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Popular Ice Shapes Easy Ice

Ice comes in many shapes to meet the specific demands of each industry. Bars, restaurants, offices, and hospitals all need ice to operate, but use it for different purposes. If you’re looking for the perfect ice shape for your business, this article is for you! We break down each style of ice for different industries.

Why You Should Not Install an Outdoor Ice Maker

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Outdoor Ice Maker Easy Ice

Outdoor ice makers seem like the perfect choice for a patio bar or restaurant, but they can be a lot more trouble than they are worth. Ice machines aren’t designed outdoor installation, and doing so leads to many problems. In this article, we’ll explain why an outdoor ice maker is a bad idea.

Stackable Units: The Best Ice Machine for Small Rooms?

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Best Ice Machine Stackable Easy Ice

Ice machines give off a lot of heat and need additional space for that heat to escape, but not every business has the required amount of space for a large ice machine. Hoshizaki has stackable machines that install on top of one another to provide extra ice production for businesses with limited room. In this article, we discuss how these machines work and whether they’re the right choice for your establishment.

Ice Machine Bin Control Tips and Troubleshooting

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Ice Machine Bin Easy Ice

An ice machine’s bin control is a vital component that shuts off your ice machine when it has produced the maximum amount of ice. All machines have one, but not all bin controls work the same way. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of bin controls and the problems that can occur with each.

How to Clean an Ice Maker: Mold and Slime Removal

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How to clean an ice maker Easy Ice

Mold and slime have the potential to grow in any area where yeast and moisture are present. For this reason, ice machines need extra special care to stay within health codes. In this article, we’ll discuss the environmental conditions that lead to mold and slime growth and what you can do to prevent or clean mold and slime in your ice machine.

5 Things to Fix Before Your Next Ice Machine Service

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Ice Machine Service Easy Ice

Ice machines need preventive maintenance to operate efficiently. That means, a visit from your friendly ice machine technician at least twice a year. There are a few things you can do to make their job easy and safe. In this article, we’ll tell you which preparations you can perform to make your next ice machine service easy and safe for your ice machine technician.