Top 5 Crushed Ice Makers to Look for in 2021

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Nugget Ice from Nugget Ice Maker

At Easy Ice, our team of Ice Machine Experts has chosen a full lineup of the best crushed ice makers on the market. Under our commercial ice machine lease, we offer the best ice equipment for a low monthly cost. Business owners get the most reliable ice machines on the market for little to no capital up front.

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Ice Maker

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Ice Maker Water Line
All appliances, ice machines or otherwise, age out over time. So, when do you know it’s time for a new ice maker or whether you can get by with a repair?   At Easy Ice, we guarantee the performance of all our ice makers. Our Ice Machine Experts are not only factory trained, they also have years of specialized training and in-field experience. ... Read More

Drinks To-Go Bring Festive Holiday Spirit

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winter to go drinks

When December rolls around, it’s always the most wonderful time of the year. From trimming the tree to baking sweet treats all season long, celebrating the holidays at home is the best way to feel the spirit of the season this year. Another way to feel the spirit is with… spirits! Continuing to provide COVID-friendly drinks to-go during the holidays brings your customers good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machines: Perfect for Bar and Restaurant Use

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Manitowoc undercounter ice machine

Manitowoc has a reputation for making some of the most energy-efficient and reliable ice makers on the market. Manitowoc undercounter ice machine models are no different! Manitowoc’s NEO line of undercounter ice makers is perfect for bar and restaurant employees who want an easy-to-reach supply of ice.

Easy Ice carries Manitowoc’s NEO series of undercounter ice makers under our all-inclusive ice machine lease program. We include professional maintenance and cleaning for a low monthly cost.

Scotsman Ice Machines Keep Ice Safe and Sanitary

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Scotsman Ice Machine

There are many ice machine manufacturers that make quality commercial ice machines. One of the leading names in the business is Scotsman, which has provided businesses (and residential homes) with some of the best ice equipment on the market. At Easy Ice, we offer a full lineup of Scotsman touchless ice machines in our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions.

Sphere Ice Ball Makers are Taking Bars by Storm!

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Ask any bartender, and they’ll tell you that quality cocktails need a quality ice cube. Traditionally, large, square ice cubes are a favorite in high-end cocktail and whiskey bars, but sphere ice is building in popularity. While sphere ice cubes certainly have a unique look, they were not easy to make. New sphere ice ball makers aim to fix that!