What Does a Hoshizaki 2-Beep Alarm Code Signify?

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Hoshizaki beep alarm

Hoshizaki ice machines (KM/L/D/S models) use a series of beep alarms to let owners know that an error has occurred—whether from an environmental cause or a component failure.

For example, a hot water migration issue stemming from a defective mixing valve might trigger the one-beep high temperature safety alarm. Another example is the rare four beep alarm for Hoshizaki ice makers with mechanical bin control, or the three-beep alarm for leaks, where the control board shuts down. The beeps go off in three-second intervals and give owners and technicians clues as to what might be the cause of the issue.

One of the most common error codes is the two-beep alarm, which is triggered by the control board’s defrost backup safety timer. It signifies that the freeze cycle is lasting too long, and you should figure out the problem.

What Does a Hoshizaki 2-Beep Alarm Signify?

When Hoshizaki ice makers have a 2-beep alarm, the machine has not been able to terminate its harvest cycle within the 20-minute time limit for two consecutive cycles.

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When the automatic ice machine begins the harvest cycle, the ice machine’s control board starts a 20-minute timer. Within that 20 minutes, the Hoshizaki ice machine thermistor TXV (thermostatic expansion valves, which measure the temperature of the ice-making plates within your Hoshizaki ice maker) must register 48°F.

If the thermistor reaches 48°F in more than 20 minutes, the harvest cycle fails to terminate and the ice machine initiates the freeze cycle, which will automatically reset the ice-making process. If the next harvest cycle also takes longer than 20 minutes, the machine shuts down and starts a 2-beep alarm.

There are many potential causes when a Hoshizaki ice machine beeps twice. These include a hot gas valve failure, voltage drops, or several other reasons—we’ll cover some of the common ones below.

Common Causes of the Hoshizaki KM/L/D/S 2-Beep Alarm Codes

So, what are some of the scenarios that can cause Hoshizaki’s 2 beeps to occur? There are many, but below we’ve listed the most common.

Freeze Ups

An ice machine freeze up is a large build-up of ice on the ice machine’s freezing plates. If these large slabs or blocks of ice don’t release from the plates, it can result in permanent damage to your commercial ice maker.

When a large block of ice forms on your evaporator plate, the thermistor has a much harder time registering 48°F, which can result in the harvest cycle surpassing the 20-minute time limit. After two extended harvest cycles, you get a Hoshizaki 2-beep alarm.

There are many things that can cause a Hoshizaki ice maker to freeze up. Knowing that a freeze up can cause a 2-beep alarm will help you in finding the main cause. Here are some common causes:

  • Dirty plates
  • Warped/bent/damaged plates
  • Not enough water flow available to your ice machine
  • Cold ambient air temperature
  • Cold ambient water temperature

Low Temperatures

Hoshizaki commercial ice makers work best in specific temperature ranges. Ideally, the ambient air temperature around your ice maker should be between 70°F and 90°F. The incoming water temperature should be between 50°F and 90°F.

Installing an ice machine well below the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures can make it so the thermistor is unable to reach 48 °F—or reaches that temperature too slowly—resulting in a 2-beep alarm.

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This is a real problem in areas with freezing winters where an industrial ice maker is outdoors or in an area that is not temperature-controlled. The same issues can occur if you install the ice machine in a cooler or freezer.

Always make sure your ice machine is installed in a temperature-controlled room where you can maintain the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures. If you know your ice machine is within the manufacturer’s temperature parameters but your unit is still beeping, it’s likely a different issue.

No Water Going to The Ice Machine

Hoshizaki ice machines are very dependent on water to harvest a batch of ice. If there is no water going to the machine, it can result in a 2-beep alarm.

Hoshizaki ice machines not only use water to make ice cubes, but they also use water to release ice cubes off the evaporator. If water suddenly stops going to the ice machine, it’s very likely that ice will not release from the evaporator plate. The longer the ice remains on the freezing plates, the longer it takes for the thermistor to reach 48°F, which may lead to the 2-beep alarm.

A colder climate, where the ice maker’s water line freezes over, is a common cause. A broken water line is another.

Experiencing a Hoshizaki 2-Beep Alarm?

If you ever notice a beep alarm sounding off in your Hoshizaki ice machine, the best thing to do is call a qualified ice machine technician. There are many beep alarms in Hoshizaki ice machines. A Hoshizaki single beep or 3-beep alarm are some of the most common. Causes like a short circuit or an open thermistor HGV can be hard to find.

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