Your Complete Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Guide

Hoshizaki is one of the leading names in commercial ice equipment, specializing in some of the industry's most reliable and innovative ice machines. Hoshizaki commercial ice makers produce ice cubes individually to prevent ice from clumping in the bin. The brand's patented crescent ice cubes have become a favorite with businesses around the world--but they also offer square, nugget, flake, and sphere ice.

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A Guide to Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Makers Hoshizaki Ice Machines

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker for My Business?

Hoshizaki commercial ice makers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to meet specific business needs. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, clinic, or manufacturing plant, there is a Hoshizaki ice machine that is perfect for you. Below are some of the types of ice makers for different business needs:

  • Modular Ice Machines

    Modular Ice Machines

    Modular ice machines only produce ice. They require you to purchase an additional ice storage bin or dispenser to store the ice. Modular ice makers offer the largest amount of options for businesses. No matter the ice shape, there is a modular ice maker that produces it. Our Hoshizaki modular ice machines produce between 500 – 1800 lbs of ice a day.

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  • Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable Ice Machines

    Stackable ice machines allow you to install 2-3 units on top of one another, to double or triple your daily ice production. These Hoshizaki ice machines still require you to purchase an additional ice storage bin or dispenser to store the ice. Stackable units can be great option for high-volume businesses that don’t have a lot of extra room to fit two ice makers. Keep in mind, multiple stackable ice makers are much harder to service than a single large ice maker.

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  • Undercounter Ice Machines

    Undercounter Ice Machines

    These small ice machines measure below 40” high to fit underneath counters and bar tops. They produce between 50-350 lbs. of ice a day. They are particularly popular behind bars, so bartenders have access to ice without having to grab additional ice from the kitchen. Undercounter ice makers come with built-in storage, so you do not need to purchase an additional ice storage bin or dispenser. Many undercounter ice makers are also ADA compliant to accommodate people with disabilities.

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  • Commercial ice Dispenser

    Commercial Ice Dispensers

    Commercial ice dispensers can produce their own ice or require an ice maker installed on top. Produce between 500-800 lbs. of ice a day. Some dispensers also dispense water as well. Commercial ice dispensers are popular in a number of industries. Hotels use standup dispensers so guests can fill buckets of ice for their rooms. Office break rooms and wait rooms use dispensers so staff and visitors can fill drinks with ice without assistance from additional staff.

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  • Countertop Dispenser

    Countertop Ice Makers

    Hoshizaki countertop ice makersare designed to fit on top of a counter for self-serve use. Countertop ice makers either produce their own ice or require an ice machine installed on top. Ice production ranges between 500-800 lbs. of ice a day. These are particularly popular in office breakrooms and healthcare clinics. They don’t take up a lot of space and reduce the chance accidental contamination for your ice supply.

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What Type of Hoshizaki Ice Shapes are There?

Hoshizaki makes a wide range of ice cube shapes to fit any business need. They specialize in creating evaporator plates that form each cube individually, which eliminates bridging commonly found in most commercial ice machine models. Below are some of their most popular ice shapes for businesses.

Hoshizaki Ice Shapes

How Do I Size a Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker?

Sizing an ice machine is dependent on the amount of ice your business uses. Our Ice Machine Estimator can help you estimate the right amount for your business. There are three main criteria we use to determine the best ice machine for your business.

Daily Ice Usage

You’ll need to determine how much ice your business uses in a day, to correctly size the right ice machine and Hoshizaki ice bin for your business. Consider how much ice you use for drinks, food prep, beer tubs, and food presentation. Remember, ice machines take 24-hours to produce their maximum amount of ice. So a 600-lb ice machine will take 24 hours to produce 600 lbs of ice.

What Type of Hoshizaki Ice Machine Condenser Do I Need?

An ice machine's condenser is responsible for cooling refrigerant and expelling heat into the environment, so it doesn't linger around your ice machine. A properly working condenser keeps you ice production rate high, so you always have enough ice.

Hoshizaki Air Cooled Ice Machines

Air cooled ice machines use a fan to cool the condenser, while also expelling hot air away from the machine and out into the environment. These types of models require plenty of space so hot air has room to move or else heat will inger around the machine and lower your ice production rate. This is the most common and cost-effective cooling system available.

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How Much Does a Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Cost?

A commercial Hoshizaki ice machine can run anywhere between $1,500 to $10,000. If you need an ice storage bin and installation, you’ll have to pay extra for those. If you want to keep your ice machine working over the years, you’ll need to pay a few hidden costs:

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Maintenance

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Maintenance

Hoshizaki recommends at least two preventive maintenance events a year. Preventive maintenance can cost up to $300 per visit. During preventive maintenance visits, a technician will optimize your ice machine to keep it in the best working condition. They will also identify any potential problems that can lead to expensive repairs if not addressed.

Hoshizaki Water Filters

Hoshizaki Water Filters

Unwanted sediment and minerals can cause damage in your ice machine. A standard sediment filter helps to eliminate the number of particles in the water. An ice machine water filter costs between $15-$100 dollars, depending on the brand. You’ll need to replace water filters every few months or they will clog. A clogged water filter leads to smaller, malformed ice cubes. Ice machines in challenging environments might require additional water filtration in addition to a standard sediment filter.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Breakdowns

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Breakdowns

The price of an ice machine repair ranges from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. Staying up to date on preventive maintenance and cleaning keeps repairs to a minimum. Here are some common ice machine repairs and the costs associated with them:

  • Hot Gas Valve Replacement - $600
  • Expansion Valve - $600
  • Compressor Repair - $1500
  • Evaporator Repair - $2500

When an ice machine breaks down, you’ll have to pay for backup ice. 500 lbs. of ice will cost you over $100.

Our All-Inclusive Ice Machine Program
is the Best Way to get a Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions include everything you need to keep your Hoshizaki commercial ice machine in the best condition. We include 2 preventive maintenance and cleaning events a year. We also cover all machine-related repairs along with parts and labor. If your ice machine is down for repairs, we'll even cover your day's supply of ice. It's all included in your already low, monthly cost!

Preventive Maintenace

Preventive maintenance keeps ice machine components in working condition and prevents costly damages from occurring. We include 2 preventive maintenance events a year in our standard subscriptions.


If your ice machine encounters a problem due to machine-related issues, we'll cover the repair, parts, and labor for no additional fee.

Breakdown Ice

If your ice machine is down for repairs for an extended amount of time, we'll deliver a day's worth of ice to your business. If we can't get out to you in time, we'll credit your account for the cost of a day's worth of ice. We offer this until your machine is up and running.

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