Square cube ice machines are a favorite among high-end cocktail and whiskey bars. Square ice is large, visually appealing, and won’t water down drinks as fast as other cubes. Our commercial ice machine subscription program includes square ice machines, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – all for one low monthly payment!

Hoshizaki ice machines produce cubes individually, so ice won’t stick together in the bin. Hoshizaki machines use only the cleanest water to produce the clearest ice cubes – a must for cocktail and whiskey aficionados. Hoshizaki square ice cube makers are as durable and energy-efficient as they come. They stand up to the toughest work conditions while saving you money on water and electric charges. Hoshizaki IM-series machines produce between 200-500 lbs of square ice a day.

Owning an ice machine can prove to be very expensive in the long run. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription program keeps your ice machine running in top condition year-round. We include everything your ice machine needs to stay running. If your ice machine breaks down and needs repairs, we’ll cover your daily ice needs until your ice machine is repaired. Cancel anytime with 30-days notice. We’ll come by and pick up our ice machine for no extra charge.

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