Troubleshooting a Hoshizaki 1 Beep Alarm

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Hoshizaki 1 beep

Hoshizaki ice maker uses a series of beeps to communicate important status information that can help users and technicians identify problems going on in the system. We’ve previously discussed what is means when you hear 3 beeps in a Hoshizaki ice machine, but what does it mean if a Hoshizaki ice machine is beeping 1 time every few seconds?

What Does it Mean When a Hoshizaki Ice Machine is Beeping 1 Time?

Technically-speaking, Single beep alarms are the result of the thermistor reaching 127 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The most likely causes are: 

  • Hot water entering the ice machine 
  • Water not reaching the ice machine 
  • Issues with the hot gas valve 

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Hot Water Issues Commonly Cause a Single Beep Alarm

95 percent of the time hot water entering a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker causes a 1 beep alarm.

Hot water can enter your commercial ice machine a few ways, but some are more common than others.

One possibility is the cold water line is being heated up by an outside source. This causes the water entering your machine to run hot.

Generally, an ice maker water line runs underground to insulate it from heat, but in some instances, they run through walls or the roof. If these lines run past appliances that give off heat, like furnaces or ovens, they can heat the water. In warmer climates, the heat from outdoors can also cause water to run hot.

One of the most difficult problems to diagnose is hot water migration. This happens when hot water makes its way into cold water lines and flows to appliances like your ice machine.

Sinks equipped with pre-rinse sprayers or faucets are a common source of water migration are. These sinks have both hot and cold water rushing to them. If not properly shut off at closing time, they leave an open line for pressurized hot water to push its way into the cold water line. Overnight, the ice machine pulls in the hot water and raises the temperature which can cause your Hoshizaki ice machine to start beeping 1 time every few seconds.

Other issues can cause water migration. A few common causes are:

  • Faulty plumbing setups
  • Mixing valves that combine hot and cold water
  • Neighboring units in interconnected locations (e.g. Malls, hotels, apartment complexes, etc.)

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No Water to the Ice Machine

A Hoshizaki 1 beep alarm can also happen when water is not getting to the machine.

Often, this is a result of the water being turned off from:

  • Planned interruptions by the city for construction, infrastructure improvements, etc.
  • Emergency interruptions by the city for repairs
  • Missed water payments
  • The water main is accidentally shut off by a plumber or an employee

If you determine your water main was not accidentally shut off, you may have to contact your city to see if they planned an interruption.

Equipment failure or damage to a water main could also restrict water flow to your commercial ice equipment. Some causes include:

Faulty Water Valves

  • Cracked water mains from fluctuating temperatures or ground moisture.
  • Corrosion in older water mains made of cast iron.
  • Accidental breaks from digging or construction.
  • Check the premises to rule out damage or a call to a plumber to diagnose the problem.

Hot Gas Valve

Hoshizaki hot gas valve issues are difficult to diagnose because it is inside the ice machine. The hot gas valve is a pumps hot gas into the evaporator to loosen ice for harvesting. In extremely rare cases, this valve sticks open and continually pumps hot gas into the evaporator until the Hoshizaki ice machine’s thermistor reaches 127 degrees – shutting off the industrial ice maker and cause it to start beeping 1 time.

In the tens of thousands of ice machine repairs we’ve performed, we have only come across this issue one time – but it can happen.

Additional Information

Remember, the reason the ice machine is beeping is to protect the ice machine from serious damage. The good news is you can reset a Hoshizaki 1 beep alarm quickly without causing damage to the machine. Hot water migration is typically an intermittent problem. It may take a few times of tripping the alarm before you can track down the problem.

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