QSR 50 Ranks Easy Ice Quick-Service Customers

Reading Time: 9 minutes Customer Success Stories

QSR Commercial Ice Maker Easy Ice

Each year, QSR ranks thier 50 top quick-service restaurants who demonstrate exceptionalism in marking and operations. Many of the restaurant chains that were ranked are Easy Ice customers, and we couldn’t be more excited for them! Congratulations to all those that were selected and we look forward to next year’s QSR ranking!

9 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Your Best Employees

Reading Time: 7 minutes Customer Success Stories

Finding the most qualified employee for your business is no small feat. Retaining them can prove to be just as hard. With plenty of competition out there in the job market, you need to provide a work environment that keeps them happy and engaged. Our business experts share some tip for hiring and retaining the perfect employees.

Where to Eat in Phoenix

Reading Time: 5 minutes Customer Success Stories


When most people think of Arizona, the desert comes to mind, but when it comes to high-quality restaurants, Phoenix is far from desolate. The Phoenix Metro Area has some great eateries that embody the diverse culinary environment it has become. If you’re visiting Phoenix, we share some of the best restaurants to check out.

Kailyn’s Diner: Treating Customers Like Family

Reading Time: 6 minutes Customer Success Stories

We interview Robert Polk, owner of Kailyn’s Kitchen and Diner in Las Vegas, NV. We talk to Robert about his 25 years of restaurant experience and why, even with all his experience, opening a restaurant is still difficult. Robert provides some tips for keeping your costs low and making sure your restaurant runs efficiently.