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If your company in Gadsden uses an ice machine, chances are you own it or lease it. How much are you spending each year to maintain and repair the ice machine? Do you know how much you’re paying for water filters? Are you changing your water filters twice a year and sanitizing the ice maker properly?

The costs and risks associated with owning commercial ice machines aren’t worth it for most Gadsden businesses! Did you know approximately 85% of ice machine costs are post-purchase? Why would you spend $1000’s in capital on a piece of equipment that will continually drain your pocketbook?

Easy Ice has the ultimate solution for companies in Gadsden that depend on ice: subscriptions. Commercial ice machine subscriptions are low-cost and 100% dependable. Subscriptions are all-inclusive, from the ice machine through repairs, for a low monthly fee.

Subscriptions differ from leasing ice machines in Gadsden. Leasing an ice maker will tie you into a long-term agreement. You’ll pay penalties if you cancel early or if you need a larger ice machine in the future. Most ice machine leases are not fully inclusive, meaning extra fees you’re not expecting.

For dollars a day your Gadsden business has a predictable source of ice at a predictable monthly price! All-inclusive and no hidden costs!

Our subscriptions for commercial ice machines include Hoshizaki ice makers. If you need an ice bin or dispenser, we can help you with those as well, but they are not included in base subscription fee. Hoshizaki manufactures their ice machines in the U.S. and they have a reputation for being durable and reliable.

We buy the ice machine for your Gadsden business, so we’re motivated to keep them running well. With your ice machine subscription you get 2 maintenance visits per year. We sanitize the ice machine and replace the water filters. Standard ice machine water filters are Free!

What if the ice machine breaks down? No problem! Repairs are free and included in your ice machine subscription. What happens if the ice maker can’t be fixed quickly. No problem with that either! In this case, we provide our customers in Gadsden (and across the country) will Free Breakdown Ice. Simple! Reddy Ice helps deliver bagged ice to our Gadsden customers until the ice machine is repaired.

Our ice machine program is available throughout the nation and Alabama. Call us today is you need a commercial ice maker in Gadsden, Anniston, Oxford, Talledega, Leeds or Birmingham.


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