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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Ice machine subscriptions are better than buying or leasing ice makers in Roanoke!

Are you thinking of getting a new commercial ice machine for your Roanoke business?  Just because you need ice doesn’t mean you need to own the ice machine!  Buying a commercial ice maker is Not a smart decision for your Roanoke business.  Just ask celebrity chef Robert Irvine.  He says he’ll never own an ice machine again — his restaurants have Easy Ice subscriptions.

You’re probably wondering what exactly an ice machine subscription is.  A subscription for ice makers is an affordable, all-inclusive ice machine program.  Easy Ice is the only company offering ice machine subscriptions nationally and in Roanoke.  Monthly price for end-to-end ice maker program is fixed and low.  Our subscription prices are so low that nearly every company that needs ice can afford to have an ice maker on site.

Low prices! Dependable service! The last (and best) ice machine you’ll Never own in Roanake!

To start an ice machine subscription, call our 24/7 customer service team and we’ll dispatch a rep to your company in Roanoke.  We perform a free on site survey and help you determine the best size and type of Hoshizaki ice maker for your business.

All-inclusive commercial ice maker subscriptions start as low as $129 a day for 600lbs of ice production per day! You can bundle into your subscription ice bins or ice dispensers for a small additional monthly cost.

Hoshizaki ice machines are the best in the industry and purchased thousands of Hoshizaki ice makers for our customers across the country and throughout Virginia.  Hoshizaki ice machines are manufactured in the U.S., are durable and most models have earned the EnergyStar rating.

A small, one-time fee is charged for professional delivery and installation at your Roanoke location.  From then on, you pay the same, low, predictable price each month for the ice machine and all-inclusive service.  Qualified customers in Roanoke don’t even have to sign a term agreement and can cancel their subscription without penalty.  You won’t find these terms if you lease a commercial ice machine in Roanoke!

Every six months we automatically send a technician to your Roanoke location to perform preventive maintenance on the ice machine. We inspect the ice machine, deep clean it and replace the water filter. Standard water filters are Complimentary!  Not only are these calls Free, but we pre-schedule them for you, saving our customers time and hassle!

If repairs are needed to the ice machine, we’ve got you covered!  Repairs (labor and parts) are included in your cost-saving subscription!  If you’ve owned an ice machine in the past, you understand the costs of repairs.  They’re expensive and unpredictable. An ice machine subscription is the only ice option that gives you a predictable price for ice month after month.

Many businesses in Roanoke need a commercial ice machine on site. Restaurants, corporate and government facilities, schools, hotels and health clubs need ice makers.  So do churches, hospitals, golf courses, caterers, assisted living facilities and convenience stores.

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