Commercial Ice Machines Shreveport

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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Simplify your life with the only all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription in Shreveport!

Shreveport businesses depend on ice. They depend on ice for employees and for customers. Hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, convenience stores, even utility, construction, and landscape companies depend on ice.

It’s important to find a source for clean, reliable, and affordable ice!

Until Easy Ice subscriptions your only option in Shreveport was to buy or lease commercial ice machines. If you buy an ice machine you pay thousands upfront. If you lease you sign into a long-term contract. Both options leave you spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars when your ice machine breaks down.

Subscriptions for only $4 a day!

The subscription business model makes perfect sense for ice machines. The average life an ice machine is 10 years at a business. But that doesn’t mean you want or need the same ice machine for 10 years. What happens if your business is growing? What happens if your business were to close?

Easy Ice allows qualifying businesses in Shreveport to subscribe on a month to month contract. All you pay to begin is a nominal setup fee equal to one month’s subscription price. With this structure we eliminate the initial problems with buying and leasing ice machines.

But what about the hassle, expense, and frustration of maintenance and repairs? We’ve got that covered as well.

All repairs are paid for! Just call our 24/7 support line and we will have a certified technician out to your Shreveport location. Easy Ice is partnered with Ecolab and Reddy Ice so you know you will be getting the best service!

Is your ice maker producing no ice? Well we have a program for that as well. How does it work? You pay nothing! When you call for repair let us know and we will pay the tab on Breakdown Ice. We will always make sure your business always has ice in the bin!

Need a bigger ice machine but don’t want to cancel your subscription? Don’t worry about it! Easy Ice has a simple equipment upgrade program for Shreveport businesses that lets your ice machine grow with your business. Just pay the setup fee on the higher capacity ice machine!

To prevent repairs we do two things. We only give customers top of the line Hoshizaki ice machines. Secondly, we schedule and pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance. Maintenance includes the replacement of your standard water filter!

Easy Ice subscription service extends from Shreveport, Red Chute, Stonewall, Blanchard, Benton, Haughton, and Miden!

Don’t spend another dime on expensive repair bills. Let Easy Ice pay them for you!

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