$129 A MONTH FOR 600 lbs. of Ice a Day

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We are the only national company offering a comprehensive subscription service for commercial ice machines that includes all repairs, preventative maintenance and much more!

I don't own an ice machine—why would you?

"Restaurant owners should never buy an ice machine. Long term and hidden costs make commercial ice makers a poor investment. An ice machine subscription from Easy Ice is Smart...Simple...and Stress-Free."

  • Smart

    “Some months I was spending $600 just for replacement ice. Plus all the repairs & maintenance were coming out of my pocket. Now, I have no surprises. You guys do a great job with maintenance, cleanings and repairs — better than we could ever do! Easy Ice is in my delightful column”

    Marty Washington, Franchisee

Here's why an ice machine subscription is smart, simple, and stress-free.

Easy Ice is the only company with a national presence that gives you a
100% Lifetime Guarantee for a Commercial Ice Maker.

Successful business owners invest their capital in assets that generate a return—and ice machines fail that test. That is why previous owners of ice machines are making the switch to the Easy Ice subscription model.

Our solution is simple. For a nominal setup and fixed monthly fee, we provide:
  • Top of the line Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers
  • Free standard water filters for commercial ice makers
  • All preventive maintenance including 2 comprehensive ice machine cleanings per year
  • All repairs, including parts and labor, included with subscription
  • Breakdown Ice: Complimentary food-grade quality ice if the ice machine is broken
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Simple ice machine upgrade program and no-penalty, 30-day cancellation policy for qualified customers

Less than $4.25 per day for 600 lbs of ice.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice.

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