Discover Commercial Ice Machines without the Headaches!

Companies need commercial ice machines but they don’t need the hassles and costs associated with ice machine ownership!

Easy Ice understands the costs and headaches commercial ice machine ownership brings and that’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary program that takes all risk away from our customers.  For customers that depend on ice, our fully-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription program delivers the best ice machines, service and added benefits.

Customers nationwide rely on Easy Ice for handling all of their commercial ice machine and ice dispenser needs.  Commercial ice machine subscriptions through Easy Ice are 100% guaranteed!  Our promise to our customers is a hassle-free supply of ice.

Easy Ice is a national company and our large footprint allows us remarkable buying power, and we pass the savings on to our customers.  

Commercial ice machine subscriptions start as low as $135 a month for up to 600 pounds of ice per day!

Commercial ice machines are notoriously fickle pieces of capital equipment.  So why spend capital on an ice machine that will require spending more money year after year?  Easy Ice assumes the risk for Hoshizaki commercial ice machines saving our customers the expenses of repairs, service, parts, maintenance, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice.

We are so confident in our preventive maintenance service and repair technicians that we give our customers Free Breakdown Ice if the ice machine is broken and we can’t repair it quickly.  That’s right!  Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions include complimentary Breakdown Ice!

For a remarkably modest monthly subscription cost, our customers enjoy the best commercial ice machines, prompt service & free Breakdown Ice anytime repairs are needed. Our fleet of sales people & team of skilled service personnel guarantee you’ll never be short of ice. 

Hoshizaki commercial ice machines produce long lasting, clump-resistant ice cubes. Customers can choose from a variety of commercial ice machines ranging in ice production from 250 – 1900 pounds of ice per day.  Ice cubes from Hoshizaki’s commercial ice machines displace water more effectively compared to other ice cubes and this prevents liquids from splashing, decreasing waste and increasing revenue.

Our customers appreciate the predictable nature of our subscriptions.  The affordable flat monthly fee includes everything without any hidden or extra costs.  Bringing predictability to an unpredictable piece of equipment gives our customers peace of mind.  

  • Guaranteed Ice – 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Energy & water efficient Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers
  • All repairs and maintenance to the ice machine are included in subscription price
  • Prompt support by our expert technicians
  • U.S.-based Customer Support Center: twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year
  • No risk!  No long-term contract for qualified customers
  • Free standard water filter replacements and ice machine cleanings (2 per year)

Call customer service to begin today!