The Only All-Inclusive Ice Machine Subscription in Los Angeles

Ice Making Machine Rental Subscription Program

The Most Convenient, Cost-Effective Way to Get an Ice Maker for Your Business

An Easy Ice subscription is not just another ice machine rental option. We pair high-quality commercial ice equipment with phenomenal service for one affordable monthly payment. With an Easy Ice subscription, you'll never have to pay out of pocket for ice machine cleaning, maintenance, or repairs or search for a trustworthy ice machine service company. You can access the ice-making equipment you need without paying a fortune and feel confident about the safety and consistency of your ice supply.

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How Our Subscription Beats Other Ice Machine Solutions

Buying a commercial ice machine in Los Angeles means spending thousands of dollars upfront, then being responsible for the ice machine's upkeep. Traditional ice machine rental options usually only provide the equipment and leave the maintenance, repairs, and backup ice to you.

As an Easy Ice subscription customer, your monthly payment covers these features:

  • Top-Rated Ice Equipment

    We offer our subscription customers ice machines, bins, and dispensers from Kold-Draft, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc, three of the best brands on the market. These ice machines are built to work and to last. Choose the ice type you want and the daily production amount you need.

  • Professional Ice Machine Care

    Manufacturers strongly recommend ice machines be professionally cleaned and serviced every 6 months at minimum. That's why we guarantee biannual cleaning and preventive maintenance as a part of your subscription. All repairs are also included at no extra cost! Our technicians are commercial ice machine experts you can trust to deliver five-star service.

  • Free Replacement Ice

    Customer demand for ice doesn't stop just because the ice maker breaks down. That's why we provide you with backup ice when the ice maker is out of order. We'll work to fix the problem as quickly as possible, but in the mean time, we'll make sure you have the ice you need.

  • Customer Support, 365 Days a Year

    Our U.S.-based team is always available to take your calls. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and friendly customer service. If you have questions about the ice machine or need help with a broken ice machine, call us right away! If we can't resolve your issue over the phone, we'll schedule an appointment for you with one of our technicians.

The Most Flexible Ice Machine Solution

Buying a commercial ice maker for your business means you're stuck with it, no matter what happens. If you close your business down, you've lost the thousands of dollars you spent on the ice maker. If your business grows and you end up needing more ice per day, you'll have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a new one all over again.

With an Easy Ice subscription, you don't have to worry about things changing in the future. If you close your business, we'll take the ice machine back. If you need more ice per day, we can switch out the ice maker for a different model or add another ice machine to your account. You won't find that kind of flexibility in ice machine ownership! 

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