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Easy Ice is a great partner.  Ice machines are complicated and expensive pieces of equipment to keep running properly, especially during the warmer months of the year.  With Easy Ice, you don’t have to worry about any of the complexity or maintenance. I love what they do and wish I knew about them when I was operating restaurants.  Never worry about ice or your ice machine again.

Ryan Gromfin, the Restaurant Boss

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For more than a decade, independent restaurant owners and operators have turned to Ryan Gromfin, aka The Restaurant Boss, to help their business succeed. Focused on helping restaurants operate, attract guests, and achieve scale, Ryan has become the industry’s leading restaurant operations consultant.

Easy Ice is proud to partner with The Restaurant Boss with an innovative ice machine managed rental program that ensures a clean, consistent ice supply and regular service and maintenance for a low monthly fee.

Free up time and capital investment to focus on growing your business!

Premium Equipment Done Right
Our rental solution goes far beyond providing top-rated equipment. Easy Ice takes the time to understand your business needs and find the perfect equipment for you.
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Unmatched Service
We have thousands of service calls under our belt. All repair, cleaning, and maintenance practices are powered by the largest database of ice machine solutions in the world.
Availability When You Need It
Unexpected issues happen, and we're always ready. Whether it's a repair or covering your backup ice due to mechanical failure, we've always got you covered—365 days a year.

Easy Ice is the premiere choice for simplifying your restaurant's ice needs