Isn’t it Smarter to Buy an Ice Machine? I Have the Money.

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Last updated on October 28th, 2022 at 11:26 am


When you buy a commercial ice machine, the upfront price is only the beginning of the expenses.  Even if you have the capital to purchase an ice maker now, are you prepared for the unexpected costs that arise during it’s lifetime?

If you own an ice machine, you can expect the following additional costs:

  • Preventive maintenance.  You’ll need to hire an experienced ice machine technician at least twice a year if you want the ice maker to run properly.
  • Deep cleanings to the ice machine.  Like preventive maintenance, routine cleanings must be performed. Cleanings are not only helpful to the health of the ice machine, but also ensures sanitary, safe ice is being produced.
  • Water filters. Again, this is a biannual exercise that must be adhered to for clean, safe ice.  Water filters build up grime, slime and mineral deposits.  Your customers certainly don’t want ice with mineral or slime buildup! If your ice machine is in a dusty or yeasty environment, you will need to replace the water filters even more frequently.
  • Repairs.  Ice machine repairs are probably the biggest costs associated with ownership.  When commercial ice machines break, it’s unexpected and you can’t budget for it.  You’ll need to find a qualified service technician and trust that they are charging you fairly.  Costs for labor and parts add up quickly.
  • Replacement ice.  Another costly expense for owners of commercial ice machines.  If the ice machine needs repair, you still need ice.  While you wait for a repair technician, your customers and employees still need ice. This means you’ll have to send someone out to purchase bags of ice at retail prices.

In addition to your money being spent on maintenance activities, repairs and replacement ice, your valuable time is being spent.  Smart business owners focus on what makes them money, not on maintaining ice machines.  Ice is a necessity, but it’s not a commodity.

Before you buy a commercial ice machine, consider all of the additional expenses.  Is it really worth spending your precious capital on a piece of equipment that requires constant babying?

For an affordable monthly fee, Easy Ice customers never have to deal with any of these issues or expenses. Our predictably priced subscriptions guarantee our customers have ice, without extra expenses, stress or hassle.

Smart business owners across the country are choosing our subscriptions over buying commercial ice machines.

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