If you’re on the hunt for a commercial ice machine for sale, look no more. Businesses all over the country are no longer dealing with the hassles of buying and owning ice machines because for the same cost, Easy Ice does it for them.

Easy Ice provides top of the line ice making equipment and guarantees the ice machine will perform according to manufacture’s specifications or we will provide free ice until we repair the machine. Instead of looking at a commercial ice machine for sale, consider the benefits of  our hassle free ice machine subscription program. You’ll find you have more time – and more capital – to focus on issues that matter to your customers.

Very few business owners really want to commit when they find a commercial ice machine for sale – which is a great instinct.  Unfortunately, they don’t realize they have a choice.  With no upfront capital and no long-term contract, qualified businesses can outsource this headache while increasing their flexibility and reducing their risk – all while keeping their costs flat.

Here’s how it works.  The foundation of our program is based on planning and preparation:

With the right equipment, the right water filtration, and the right preventive and repair maintenance, the ice machine’s reliability will increase significantly.  If the machine fails to perform to the manufacturer’s specifications, Easy Ice’s Breakdown Ice program ensures you get the volume of ice the machine was expected to produce.

This revolutionary service achieves the single most important objective of any business relationship:  It puts Easy Ice in the same boat as you.  Our incentives are in perfect alignment with yours – something you cannot achieve if you find a commercial ice machine for sale.  Easy Ice has no incentive to sell you a larger machine, more expensive water filters, or more expensive service procedures…because Easy Ice is responsible for your ice machine costs – not you.

Some of our customer’s locations require advanced water filtration, more frequent cleanings, etc. due to environmental conditions, but 95% of our qualified customers operate within our standard program.

From single proprietors to corporations, the Easy Ice program appeals to a large variety of businesses.  If you “Just Want Ice” without all the hassles, call us today learn more about the fastest growing segment of the ice machine industry.

Easy Ice:  No Capital.  No Hassle.  Just Ice.