The Best Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance and Repairs in Charleston

If you own a commercial ice maker in Charleston, South Carolina, you don’t have to spend any more time searching for the right ice machine service company. You found it! Easy Ice proudly provides the highest quality maintenance, cleanings, and repairs for commercial ice machines in the Charleston area.

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We’re the Ice Machine Experts. 

Your ice machine is too important for you to hire underqualified people to handle it. HVAC and refrigeration companies may have basic knowledge of commercial ice equipment, but they’re not specialists. Handymen and your own staff won’t know what they’re looking at or how to properly clean when they get to the ice maker’s interior.

Get the best value for your money. Hire the Ice Machine Experts to take care of your ice machine maintenance, cleanings, and repairs.

Professional Diagnostic Testing

How We Keep the Ice Flowing at Your Charleston Business

We go above and beyond to offer our customers the absolute best ice machine maintenance in Charleston, along with the most well-done ice maker repairs.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Expert-Level Ice Machine Knowledge

    Easy Ice is a team of ice machine experts. We only work on commercial ice machines, and our technicians are the most well-trained in Charleston. The Hutto Refrigeration staff, who joined Easy Ice to bring our subscription to their community, have been in the ice machine business for decades. Hire us and you’ll never have to wonder if we did our job right.

  • Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

    Commercial ice machines need to be professionally cleaned every six months at minimum. Some need more frequent cleaning, based on their environment. Not cleaning your ice machine often enough or correctly will lead to dirty ice and can cause breakdowns. We’ll make sure you never have to worry what the health inspector will find when she peeks inside your ice machine or your customers complaining about the ice.

  • Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance

    Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your ice machine at every appointment, scanning for signs of wear and tear to address malfunctions before they happen. In addition to checking the control box, looking for leaks, evaluating the evaporator plate, and more, we’ll also change ice machine filters.

  • Precise Diagnostic Testing

    If you schedule a repair appointment with us and our technicians can’t figure out the problem with visual inspection, they’ll run every diagnostic test possible. Not everybody knows how to do that—but we do. It’s one reason we deliver the best ice machine repair in Charleston.

  • Reliable Customer Support

    We take your ice supply seriously. That’s why we’re available to take your ice machine service calls 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If we can’t resolve your issue over the phone, we’ll schedule an appointment for you ASAP.

Protect Your Money, Your Time, and Your Reputation

Proper ice machine care is an investment worth making because it’s about more than your ice supply. It’s about the money you can save on preventable repairs. It’s about the time you won’t waste on handling unexpected ice machine problems. It’s about your business’s good name.

We deliver the maximum value on ice machine maintenance in Charleston. See for yourself.

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