The Best Maintenance and Repairs for Commercial Ice Makers in Chicago

Commercial ice machines have a reputation for being prone to breakdowns, and without regular deep cleans, they'll quickly accumulate grime and bacteria. You need a team of professional ice machine technicians you can trust to take care of your ice machine the right way. You need Easy Ice. We offer the best commercial ice machine maintenance and repairs in Chicago.

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We're Always Available to Service Your Ice Machine in Chicago

We promise our subscription customers prompt responses to their requests for ice machine service. We promise you the same thing, if you own a commercial ice maker in Chicago. It doesn't matter where you bought it. Call on Easy Ice for your ice machine maintenance and repairs and we'll treat it like one of our own.

Professional Diagnostic Testing

Easy Ice is a Local Ice Machine Service Company You Can Trust

We may be a national company, but our customers in Chicago get service from technicians working out of our local branch office. We've been providing superior maintenance and repairs for commercial ice machines in the Chicago metropolitan area for decades.

When you make Easy Ice your ice machine service provider, you can expect:

  • Maintenance and Repairs from Ice Machine Experts

    Some business owners make the mistake of calling an HVAC or refrigeration company to perform maintenance and repairs on their ice machines. These companies may know the basics of commercial ice machine care, but they're not specialists. Easy Ice technicians are. With us, you know your ice machine is getting cleaned, inspected, and fixed by a genuine ice machine specialist.

  • Professional Sanitization of Ice Machines and Bins

    You probably don't know that cleaning and sanitizing are two different processes when it comes to ice machines and their bins. We do both, every time we perform preventive maintenance on an ice maker.

  • Effective Preventive Maintenance

    Preventing ice machine breakdowns beats dealing with them once they happen. The preventive maintenance and cleanings we perform for our clients do just that: stopping problems before they start and prolonging the life of the ice machine.

  • Professional Diagnostic Testing of Ice Maker Issues

    Our technicians recognize warning signs of developing mechanical issues that non-experts miss. They can also diagnose problems that would stump HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial appliance technicians.

  • An Ice Machine Service Team You Can Count On

    Your Chicago business needs clean ice for every customer that walks through your door. Easy Ice technicians will make sure you always have it. We'll respond to your calls for ice machine repairs and maintenance as quickly as possible.

We Take Care of Your Ice Machine, so You can Take Care of Your Customers

Don't leave your business' ice supply up to chance. Make sure your ice machine is as clean and well-maintained as possible, all year long. Call on Easy Ice for your ice machine upkeep. We do it better than anyone else in Chicago.

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We're ready to clean your commercial ice maker, optimize its performance, and fix anything wrong with it.

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