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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
The most cost-effective commercial ice machine program in Asbury Park! All-inclusive & no risk!

Have you been searching for a new ice machine for your Asbury Park business? Since you landed here, you’re looking for a reliable ice maker without spending a fortune, right? That’s why subscriptions for commercial ice machines are the smart choice: no capital and just a small monthly fee for an all-inclusive solution!

Buying a ice machine in Asbury Park will cost your company thousands of dollars. You want to spend your money on things that will grow your business — and ice machine won’t do that. So why would you spend precious capital on equipment you’re not going to see a return on? Plus, when you purchase an ice maker, the price of the machine is just the beginning of your expenses. Repairs are costly and a hassle. Water filters need to be changed frequently and that’s more money out the door. Plus maintenance, cleanings and bagged ice if the ice machine is down. Why take the financial risk of buying a commercial ice machine for your Asbury Park company?

Subscribing to an ice machine is the smart choice! Thousands of businesses across the country and all over New Jersey are choosing subscriptions over buying or leasing commercial ice makers. Why? Because subscriptions are affordable, reliable and simple!

Savvy business owners are choosing ice machine subscriptions instead of leasing or buying in Asbury Park. Predictable ice…Predictable price!

Easy Ice is the only company offering commercial ice machine subscriptions in Asbury Park. Here’s how a subscription works: We send a technician to your Asbury Park location for a free consultation and site survey. We help you determine the best size and type of ice machine for your business and help with where it will be placed. A small fee is required for professional delivery and installation of the ice machine. Once the equipment has been installed, you simply pay a low, fixed monthly fee for all-inclusive service. Easy!

Subscriptions include regular routine maintenance and sanitation. Twice a year, a technician will come to your business to inspect and deep-clean the ice machine. During these visits, we also replace the water filters (important for keeping the ice safe and the ice machine performing optimally). Standard water filters are included with your low cost subscription!

Ice machine subscriptions also include repairs — that’s parts and labor included! And if we’re unable to repair the unit in a timely manner, Easy Ice provides your Asbury Park business with free Breakdown Ice until the ice machine is repaired. No hassles or extra costs! Our Customer Support hotline is staffed 24/7 for the convenience of our subscribers.

With an ice machine subscription at your Asbury Park business, you’ll save money, time and stress!

We offer various types of Hoshizaki ice machine that range in production from 200 – 2000 lbs of ice per day to accommodate any industry. Who subscribes to all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions? Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, health clubs, contractors, hospitals, schools, event centers and churches. Our program is so affordable, any company or organization that requires a dependable supply of ice can afford an Easy Ice subscription!

We’re a national company with a local presence in Asbury Park. We serve most cities in the area including Jersey City, Newark, New York City, Lakewood, Long Branch and Beachwood.

Call 866-easyice today to start your affordable, dependable ice machine subscription!

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