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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions in Bartlesville!

You’re after a great reliable supply for ice meant for your enterprise in Bartlesville. However, commercial ice machines are really famously unreliable. Easy Ice is without a doubt your company solution. We will supply your own Bartlesville organization a GUARANTEED ice supply: for a lifetime!

You’ll find no upfront capital and no long-term agreement. Just your monthly ongoing subscription which includes all things that is required; transport, assembly, water filter and preventative maintenance twice a year. In addition, in the event that your commercial ice machine breaks, we will service it quickly and free of charge. And we’ll either repair it in just three – six hrs. or we’re going to provide no charge back–up ice for you until it is repaired. We provide all of this so that you never have to worry about your company ice source in Bartlesville anymore! And all of this will be included for a low once a month subscription cost.

You will get a new commercial ice machines in Bartlesville that produces up to six-hundred pounds / day for as little as one hundred twenty nine dollars each month. We provide you with Hoshizaki commercial ice machines that will make from two hundred fifty to 1900 lbs / day. And we can furnish bins which contain 3 hundred — nine hundred lbs of ice. In addition, we can provide ice & H2O dispenser units or resort style ice dispensers. All the things you’ll want to get the secured ice supplies!

Subscriptions for only $129 can get your 600lbs of daily ice making capacity!

Ice machines have become pricey to purchase and still even more pricey for you to take care of! The average 600 lb . machine is going to run you more than $thirteen thousand five hundred for the period of the device’s 10-yr lifespan. Most of these expenditures slowly “trickle in.” You encounter them as PM, repair parts, service labor, the value of your time, and so on. When you actually compare all those expenditures to the subscription rates you’ll be able to see that we remove all these headaches involved with a commercial ice machine, for cheaper than the price of owning or renting a new machine.

Rid yourself of this responsibility of commercial ice machines. Call us now to discuss a monthly subscription in Bartlesville, OK. We’re readily available for you 24 hours/day, every single day of the year. For additional information about our guaranteed ice supply, go to our webpage.

Your business has enough risks, ice machines shouldn’t be one of them!

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