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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
The most affordable ice machine solution in the country is now in Casper.  No Capital!  No Hassle!  Just Ice!

Businesses in Casper and businesses all over the country have been waiting for a better option for commercial ice machines.  It doesn’t matter if you are a convenience store, hotel, restaurant, hospital, or school you need ice.

Buying or leasing just doesn’t cut it.  You spend way too much capital.  You are stuck in long term commitments unless you are willing to waste a lot of money on re-sale or cancelation fees.  The worst part…  You are left with all the hassle and expensive bills for repair and maintenance on the ice machine.

Subscriptions are different.  We pay all the bills for repair, maintenance, and more.  You pay one low monthly fee.  Want to know the best part?  Qualified businesses sign on for month to month contracts with no cancelation fees!  Now that’s flexibility.

If your business is growing, buying or leasing is the worst possible option you could pick.  Maybe a 600lbs capacity ice maker is good for your Casper business over the next year and a half.  But what happens when you have more employees, or consistently deal with more customers?  You need a bigger ice machine!

Easy Ice offers a no hassle equipment upgrade program for your Casper business.  Call us, schedule the trade out, and pay a setup fee equal to one month’s subscription price.  Before you know it a 900lbs capacity ice machine will be installed and you will be off and running again!


Easy Ice is the only all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription service that is available nationwide!

What is included in a subscription?

Easy Ice pays all the bills.  That’s why we pay for preventative maintenance to keep your ice machine running properly.  We also pay for all repair and Breakdown Ice to keep your business from ever having to pay an extra penny for a cube of ice!

Service extends from Casper into Glenrock, Natrona, Douglas, and Midwest.  Call us for your free estimate an onsite survey!

Your business has enough risks; your ice machine shouldn’t be one of them! Call us today and see how little you could be spending on ice!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision