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Commercial Ice Machines Can Obviously Be Problematic

Numerous proprietors throughout College Station purchase their commercial ice machines, set them up, and, after that, simply neglect them till they require costly repair(s). However, does your company realize that as low as 1/8th in. of lime accumulation on your machine’s evaporator may boost your electricity expenses by twenty nine percent? Plus, electricity costs are already growing at a pace of six to eight % each year.

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Find Out How to Reduce Nagging Service Costs

Additionally, when your company doesn’t perform preventative service for your machines, you may end up having to pay 38 % higher than average repair expenses. And also, the typical ten yr. lifespan for the commercial ice machine falls to merely six yrs.

Make the Best Decision for Your Ice Machines: Easy Ice

This is where we come in to help you. Easy Ice provides trouble f-r-e-e subscriptions designed for commercial ice machines throughout College Station. For just one very low, month-to-month price, your company gets shipping and delivery, set up, h2o filter systems, bi-annual preventative service, on top of repair service materials & labor. Plus we will also provide backup ice cubes in case your maker stops working. All for as low as $1-2-5 monthly, which is far less than your company’s ten yr expenses for maintaining your ice equipment. With our company’s plan, your business should have less equipment failures & can get twenty-four hour a day exceptional customer service through our U. S. -based Call Center.

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