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Commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Dover!

Looking for an ice machine in Dover?  Say goodbye to all the operational head-aches from your commercial ice machines without delay!

Minimize having to spend your business’ hard-earned profit on something your business can’t even charge customers for!

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A good number of company professionals throughout Dover spend money on their commercial ice machines, have them installed and then basically neglect them till they have got to have (quite often pricey) repairs. Although did your organization realize that as small as 1/8 inch of lime scale buildup on your ice machine’s evaporator may easily add to your electrical energy charges by twenty-nine 5? On top of that electrical power rates are already climbing at a rate of six to 8 percentage points each year.

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In addition, any time your company does not practice preventative maintenance for your makers, your corporation might have thirty-eight % higher repair operating charges. In addition the regular 10 yr. life for the commercial ice machine declines to roughly six yrs.

That’s where we come in to help. Easy Ice promises hassle f-r-e-e subscriptions designed for commercial ice machines in Dover. For just a low month-to-month payment your corporation gets delivery service, set up, H2O filtration system, twice yearly preventative cleaning/service, repair service parts & labor. And in addition our company will also offer emergency packaged ice in case a ice machine breaks down. All for as little as 125 per month. This is less than your organization’s ten yr. operating bills for maintaining your ice equipment. And with our Easy program, your company will have fewer breakdowns and be given Easy Ice’s twenty-four hour a day support & great customer service via our U.S. -based Call Center.

For particulars about our company’s guaranteed ice supply offer & our risk free monthly subscriptions just for commercial ice machines throughout Dover, DE just go to our website.

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