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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Smart, dependable, and affordable ice machine solution for your Dunmore business!

Is your Dunmore business in the market for a new ice machine? So many choices and decisions to be made… what brand? What size? Should I rent? Should I buy? The decision is simple! Your Dunmore business needs an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription. What?! What is an ice machine subscription?

An Easy Ice subscription is a reliable, all-inclusive and affordable way to ensure guaranteed ice flow to your Dunmore business. Qualified subscribers pay a low fixed monthly payment with no penalty fee for cancellation!

Easy Ice is the nation’s leading provider of ice machines throughout the country. We have ice machine models to meet every industry’s ice needs. Easy Ice is partnered with Hoshizaki for their outstanding reputation of being durable and dependable. Hoshizaki manufactures their ice makers in the U.S and have many ice machine models that are EnergyStar rated, guaranteeing optimal efficiency.

We carry commercial ice machines ice bins, and ice dispenser for a wide range of ice needs. We provide our customers with the best equipment options and ice machine models. No matter what your Dunmore business ice needs are, Easy Ice has you covered!

Easy Ice handles all the repairs and maintenance to the ice makers! So stop thinking and asking so many questions! Let us accommodate your Dunmore business ice needs

Subscriptions offer better value than buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Dunmore!

Our reasonable prices are fixed, meaning your Dunmore business has a predictable monthly price. Subscriptions includes Hoshizaki ice machine, all routine preventative maintenance, repairs, Breakdown Ice, and two comprehensive cleanings per year. We also replace the water filters every 6 months. Standard water filter replacements are free!

Easy Ice is partnered with Reddy Ice and Ecolab. We are invested in making sure our ice machines are working their best at all times. Our equipment is top of the line and fully maintained by our technicians. If your ice maker were to experience a problem that needs repair, you simply call our toll-free number and we dispatch a technician to your Dunmore location, and at no cost to you. If we are unable to repair it quickly, rest easy. Your subscription to Easy Ice includes a complimentary Breakdown Ice program. Easy Ice guarantees you’ll have ice in your Dunmore business at all times.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions start as low as $135 a month for up to 600lbs of ice per day. The affordable flat monthly fee includes everything without any hidden or extra costs. Whether your business is located in Dunmore, Scranton, Throop, Dickson, or Blakely, we’re ready to bring your business the easiest commercial ice machine program in all of Pennsylvania!

If your Business needs ice, you can depend on Easy Ice! No capital! No Hassle! Solution for commercial ice machines. Call us today!

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