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Hassle-free commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Fargo, ND!

Businesses in Fargo depend on ice. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, extended care facilities, and convenience stores all depend on ice. Even schools and office buildings use ice.  The problem?  Making ice is expensive, unpredictable, and a huge hassle!

Ever since the ice machine was created, Fargo businesses only had two options.

1.You could buy an ice maker.

2.You could lease an ice maker.

But the problem with both buying and leasing ice machines is the expense, hassle, and long-term commitment you are left with.  As a Fargo business you need to know what kind of costs you will have in the future.  You need to make sure you reduce the risk of having higher costs on any of those items.

When you buy or lease an ice maker your costs are unpredictable.  If you needed 600lbs of ice a day and your ice maker broke down you would be left paying $150 a day for bagged ice, maybe more!  Repair service may take up to 5 days to repair your ice machine. This means you are left paying $750 on bagged ice, and probably $350 for repairs.  Do you have $1100 cash sitting around on case your ice maker breaks down?  Probably not…

For one low fixed monthly rate everything you need for clean and reliable ice is paid for!  As low as $4 a day!

Easy Ice subscriptions have taken the hassle, and expense out of ice machines for Fargo businesses.  Start by calling for your free estimate and onsite survey.  Qualifying businesses only subscribe on a month to month contract with no cancelation fees on a 30 day notice!

After a nominal setup fee equal to one month’s subscription price we will have your Hoshizaki ice machine installed at your Fargo business.  Hoshizaki ice machines are the best in the industry!

Need repair?  No problem.  Our 24/7 support team will alert a technician and have them out to repair the problem within 48 hours.  All repairs (both parts and labor) are covered.  We even pay for Breakdown Ice to keep your bins full while you’re waiting for service!

To prevent a breakdown we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance with standard water filter replacements!

We even offer a simple equipment upgrade program that lets your ice machine grow with your business!  Just pay the setup fee on the new equipment.

Subscription ice machine service extends throughout Fargo, Glyndon, Barnesville, Casselton, Hawley, and Lithia.

Easy Ice subscriptions are the preferred ice solution for thousands of businesses around the nation!

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