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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Flagstaff.  No capital required!

Is your Flagstaff business dealing with an old ice machine?  Are you thinking about replacing it?  Have you compared the pros and cons of buying and leasing a commercial ice maker?  What about a subscription?

What most businesses don’t know much about is the third option.  Subscriptions are the newest alternative to buying or leasing ice machines.  It’s also the most affordable and convenient option.  For one fixed monthly price everything you need for clean and reliable ice is included.

When you buy or lease and ice machine in Flagstaff you pay all the bills.  You schedule and pay for repair, maintenance, and bagged ice during a breakdown…  This equals lots of hassle, and lots of added expense.  Yet it doesn’t even add in the fact that you have extremely high upfront costs when buying, and signed into long-term contracts when leasing.

Subscriptions are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing in the country!  Ice for as low as $4 a day!

Subscriptions work like this.  Call our 24/7 support line for your free estimate and onsite survey.  Qualifying businesses sign on to only a monthly contract with no cancelation fees.  This gives you flexibility you could never have when buying or leasing a commercial ice maker.

Pay the onetime setup fee equal to one month’s subscription price and we will install your Hoshizaki ice machine for free.  Flagstaff businesses need reliable ice, Hoshizaki ice machines can provide that!

From here you can leave the rest of your ice frustrations in our hands.  We will schedule your preventative maintenance cleanings every 6 months and pay all the bills.  If your ice maker still breaks down just call our support line and we will alert a technician in your area about the issue.

Within 48 hours we will have service at your location to fix the problem!  If your ice machine is not producing any ice we will pay for Breakdown Ice at your business.  We never want to leave your ice bins empty when you’re an Easy Ice customer!

Give Easy Ice a call.  Our national partnerships with Ecolab, and Reddy Ice allow us to service the entire country.  Our service extends through Flagstaff, Cameron, Winslow, Lake Montezuma, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Williams.

Almost every Flagstaff business needs ice.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools have always looked to have their own ice machine.  But Easy Ice makes it possible for so many other businesses to have an ice machine at their location instead of having bagged ice delivered on a daily basis!  Golf courses, athletic facilities, construction companies, landscaping businesses, and other utility companies can now afford to have an ice machine.

No more sending employees to get ice at the gas station! No unexpected bills! No more hassle! Just ICE!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision