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The only national provider of ice machine subscriptions in the country is available in Flint.  All-inclusive and affordable!

All types of businesses in Flint need ice machines.  Hockey rinks, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, golf courses, and health facilities rely on clean reliable ice for general operations.  Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees…  This leaves many businesses relying on an old rickety ice maker.  These businesses are then stuck paying outrageous repair bills time and time again.  After awhile you realize you could have just bought a new machine with the money you have spent.  But who’s to say that a new machine won’t break?

So lease an ice machine, right?  Wrong!  Leases leave you responsible for all repair bills.  Plus it requires you to sign on for an extended period of time.  How do you know the machine was cared for properly before you received it?  You don’t.

The only sensible solution for businesses in Flint is an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription.  Qualified businesses sign on for a monthly subscription.  The only upfront costs you will see is a small onetime nominal fee.  All you are left to pay is your fixed monthly fee you signed up for.  No hidden costs.  No extra fees.

Better than buying. Better than leasing.  Subscribe to receive 600lbs of ice a day for only $135 a month!

At Easy Ice we believed there had to be a simpler way to provide ice for businesses.  You should know how much making ice will cost each month.  That’s the ideology that was used to create the subscription model!  Here’s how it all works.

After a free onsite survey and estimate you will learn just how little you will pay each month for ice.  The only additional payment is a nominal setup fee when you join our service.  From here we provide two preventative maintenance cleanings on your ice machine each year for FREE.  This includes standard water filter changes.  If your ice machine breaks all repair (parts and labor) are provided free of charge.  When this happens and your bin is empty you still need ice!  If the technician can’t fix the ice machine before your normal business hours we will provide free Breakdown Ice.

With a subscription you will receive a Hoshizaki ice machine.  These machines are Made in America and the best in the industry!

Worried about being able to reach Easy Ice when a problem occurs?  No problem!  We have a U.S. based call center that is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you with all your ice related needs.

Businesses in Flint, Montrose, Swartz Creek, Davison, Birch Run, Fenton, and Burton need ice machines.  Call Easy Ice today to receive your free estimate and onsite survey.

Choose the smarter ice solution. Let the experts worry about how to make ice cost effective! All you have to do is call now to subscribe!

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