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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Ice at the right price in Fort Collins without hassles of ice machine ownership!

Does your Fort Collins business depend on ice?  Ice machines are necessary to companies in Fort Collins and we have alternative to buying or lease.  Easy Ice subscriptions are popular because our end-to-end ice machine offering is simpler and more affordable than leasing or buying.

You want to focus on growing your business, not on ice machines issues.  Subscriptions reduce worry and stress, give you more time to concentrate on your business.  Ice machine subscriptions are fully inclusive, affordable and simple.

Your provide the water and electrical source and Easy Ice handles everything else to keep your ice bin full.  Unlike buying a commercial ice maker, subscriptions require No Capital or upfront cash.

Ice machine subscriptions are less costly in the long run than buying an ice machine. Customers pay a fixed monthly fee and receive all maintenance and repairs.  Our technicians replace water filters every 6 months and standard water filters are Free!  When you own an ice machine, you’re responsible for all repairs (expensive and unpredictable!) and water filters (costly).

The costs of buying an ice machine are more expensive and less predictable than our subscriptions.  Your customers and employees rely on clean, safe ice.  Frequent cleanings and water filter changes are necessary for safe ice.  With ice machine subscriptions, all of this is taken care of for you.

Restaurants, hotels and corporate facilities in Fort Collins are choosing subscriptions over leasing or buying commercial ice machines. Smart managers of health clubs, hospitals, grocery and convenience stores, schools and churches are finding subscriptions to be a better alternative for their ice needs.

Another added expense when you own or lease an ice maker is replacement ice.  You know, when you’re waiting for a repair technician and you’re losing ice, you have to buy bagged ice.  Subscriptions include Free Breakdown Ice! If the ice maker is broken and we can’t repair it quickly, the back up ice is on the house!

Subscriptions are more flexible than ice machine leases.  As your Fort Collins business grows, we can upgrade your ice machine.  Our simple upgrade/downgrade feature takes the pressure off of buying or leasing the wrong sized machine.

Qualified customers enjoy a no-penalty cancellation policy with 30 days notice.  No long-term lease for qualified customers!  Securing your Fort Collins business is never without ice is simple with Easy Ice!

Learn why savvy business owners prefer subscriptions over buying or leasing ice machines! Call today and start saving time, money & hassle!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision